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Mackie By Bob Mackie 2 Pieces Gift Set Women

Mackie By Bob Mackie 2 Pieces Gift Set Women

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Intoxicating and long-lasting, Mackie for Women never stops halfway. A fragrance with an exuberant and convincing character, it starts on hearty notes of pineapple, raspberry and peach, but soon yields to tuberose and orange blossom aromas, as buoyant as the succulent top notes. Long after the first splash, the scent remains vibrant and bold, revealing a fragrance you can trust. Launched in 1991 by Bob Mackie, the eau de toilette spray retains its appeal today as a fun scent that refreshes your appetite for life in the fast lane.

Set Includes:

1) 3.4oz 100ml  Eau De Toilette Spray

2) 6.7oz 200ml  Luxurious Body Cream